Way of the Wicked

Way of Wicked
Brief Overview

Having succeeded in escaping from Brandscar prison, while leaving a wave of chaos and destruction with many dead bodies in their wake. The group of five arrived at the mysterious manor owned by the newly named, "Cardinal Thorn" and his assistant, "Tiadora". The group was forced to sign a contract and tasked with finding an item from the dungeon below the manor. After the group succeeded in reclaiming the item and spending a brief time working with the Lord; they had been commanded to sabotage the Watch Wall or Balentyne.

This order was tasked by bringing weapons to the bugbear camp amassed by Sakkorth the Fire Axe, killing the smuggler and ultimately weakening the defenses of Balentyne. Before the group could attack the fortress, they lost one of their companies for not being faithful to the cause of Asmodeous by a Warpriest sent by Thorn. On the travels before the lose of the evil-doer known as Ywagmoth, they were introduced to an ice mephit named "Killkore" that now is subdued by the goblin and the rogue has a follower known as, "Grumblejack" that has been following the group since the escape from Brandscar.  The Group succeeded in bring down the Watch Wall, which caused the destruction of many different towns and the group was then sent to Farholde on a journey of destruction with Tiadora. Once the arrived in the town, they were introduced to the Baron and the locals of the town. In the town, the group learned about the disappearance of the knot original sent to investigate the Horn of Abaddon, while finding his handwritten map. This map lead the group to the horn after an almost disastrous encounter with the Hangman's Tree.

Once inside the horn, the group explored the cavern notation many things hidden with in before running into a strange cloaked Kobold, whom has followed them through their time. The group found a strange hidden door, that lead the group up to a floor in the horn that introduced the group to a great demon tasked with defending the horn. The group fled down the secret passageway escaping the demon and later destroying part of the boggard tribe and their shaman. After fully exploring the cavern, they find a strange emerald jewel and a thick leather bound book depicting a ritual. This lead the group to exploring the horn more and finding many different murals or noteworthy items like a teleporting throne and ritual that could summon hellhounds, but lastly they found another emerald jewel before struggling to destroy two oozes.


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